Do You Know Your Tru Biological Age?

Detailed Wellness Measures Available Through Flow Cytometry

Welcome to TruBioHealth!

TruBioHealth, by FlowMetric Diagnostics Inc., has been formed to develop innovative health and wellness tests using our state-of-the-art flow cytometry platform. Our tests will allow clients to track their wellness and biological aging more effectively, and importantly, assess the efficacy of their healthy diet and exercise regimes.

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For Practitioners

  • Measure the effectiveness of Protocols
  • Provide patients with data to help motivate life-style changes
  • Get more detailed results than standard testing
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Benefits of TruBioHealth

  • Simple & Convenient
  • Comprehensive Measures
  • Rapid

What Is My Biological Age?

We age in two very different ways: chronologically and biologically. How quickly we age is influenced by several factors, including our environment and lifestyle choices. Find out how you can measure and counteract these effects.

Immune System Evaluation Using FISH Flow

Learn why FISH Flow is the most comprehensive means of assessing telomere length in immune cells while providing actionable data for long term patient monitoring.