Telomere Testing as a Measure of Wellness

Telomere Testing

Our test starts with just a small sample of blood.

But within this sample live tens of thousands of white blood cells, which fight off infections and protect your body from disease. 

Inside these cells are chromosomes, which contain telomeres, which are the protective cap on the end of each chromosome. Telomeres naturally get shorter as we age, and this process can be exacerbated by factors such as diet, exercise and stress. Making healthy lifestyle choices may help us to maintain longer telomere lengths in our cells. 

TruBioHealth's telomere testing will measure the length of your telomeres using a process called FISH Flow. While other testing procedures pool cell samples for a single data output, FISH Flow examines the telomere length of every cell in the sample, providing unprecedented insight into telomere length and cellular age.

Your first telomere length test will set your baseline for cellular health, and will be coupled with future testing to monitor your progress. Many patients show only subtle changes in telomere length and cellular health over time.

These changes cannot be identified without knowing the normal level for that individual. It is helpful to measure these cellular health parameters when the individual is young and prior to any illness or age-related conditions. We are designing our telomere testing to monitor the effect of healthy lifestyle choices, and track the progress of your efforts to live well.

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