Telomeres and Aging: What They Tell Us

Telomere Length and Biological Age

TruBioHealth uses a process called FISH Flow to measure telomere length in your white blood cells. FISH Flow uses two highly-sensitive process

es known as Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (hence the name FISH) and Flow Cytometry. This is a vital step in determining your biological age and having an understanding of your wellness.

By coupling these techniques, our test will be able to measure the telomere lengths of every one of the tens of thousands of white blood cells in your sample.

Other types of telomere length testing rely on the isolation and pooling of chromosomal DNA from cells which is then analyzed by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

But this type of analysis doesn’t provide the same level of detail, and the resulting telomere length is an average from the cell population from which the DNA was isolated. It is the difference between looking at thousands of snap shots of telomere length and looking at just one. As you might expect, the outcome can look quite different.

Shorter telomeres are associated with accelerated aging as well as the onset of age-related conditions, so knowing your telomere length can be a helpful first step in monitoring your risk for chronic disease and addressing underlying health issues. Understanding your biological age is an important step toward making steps to positively affect your overall wellness.

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